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About Us!

What is M.A.D.C.E.?

MADCE is an acronym for Midland Association of Dow Corning Employees.  MADCE was formed early in the company's history in 1950.  (Dow Corning was formed in 1943).  People like you wanted to get together and have a good time bowling, playing golf or bingo.  Volunteers decided to take the time to organize the events.


 More Information about M.A.D.C.E.

The Carrolton Kentucky site has a comparable organization called CADCE.  Hemlock, Michigan has volunteer organization called HADCE.  As the company expanded to different parts of the country and world, the tradition which was started here in Midland was replicated in other plants.


MADCE subsidizes it's events through the sales of pop, candy and container deposits.  MADCE does not own the vending machines, however, we partner with  the vendors.  MADCE gets a commission based on their sales.  All commission profits are returned to our Midland Site employees and retirees.


To become a member of the MADCE board, let one of the board members know that you are interested.  When an opening comes up, you will be called and be asked if you are still interested.  The board will vote on new members.  All MADCE meetings occur monthly after work.


The benefits of becoming a board member are knowing that you are contributing to a volunteer organization.  Although there are many good volunteer organizations that one can participate in, MADCE's emphasis is putting on events that will hopefully bring joy and fellowship to our fellow Dow Corning Employees and retirees.




 Our Board Members

  President - Chris Raymond

  Vice President - Bob Fleming

  Treasurer - Mark Nuffer

  Secretary - Chris Raymond

  Retiree Rep - Bob Fleming

  Webmaster Chris Raymond

  Kevin Grappin

  Nirav Patel

  Rodney Spindler




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